The moment when text messages revolutionise your meetings, conferences, training sessions, lessons...

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Why Inwall ?

Inwall is THE unparalleled solution to make interactive and completely collaborative team meetings, conferences, training sessions, lessons, creative workshop… A participant experience that is both rewarding and useful!

So what is Inwall ?

Inwall is a virtual wall with two sides.

A brainstorming tool to allow people to share ideas by sending texts. An interactive real-time way of getting feedback from your audience.

How does it work ?

Your Inwall account comes with a unique mobile phone number which is displayed to your audience. A text message sent from any telephone creates with brainstorm mode activated, a message that appears instantly on your Inwall. All posts are anonymous to facilitate contributions, and with survey mode activated, a participant vote gives instant feedback, tests audience awareness or allows collective choices.
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Export the contents of your wall directly in Excel format to optimise processing of the data, gain precious time and get straight to action!


Share your entire wall with co-workers so they can keep up with your workflow in real time from your browser, even at distance!


Send a text from your phone and your message appears instantly on Inwall anonymously.


Take ownership of Inwall by personalising the colour scheme and logo to match your corporate branding.

Inwall allows you to offer an unparalleled experience of collective intelligence, bringing together everyone’s ideas as it is extremely easy to use. Using a simple text message, everyone has the opportunity to express themselves freely and instantaneously, and each time the attendees are very happy to see their contribution appear in real time on the screen.

Isabelle Jeanneau
Director of Cluster Nekoé

“For me Inwall automatically creates a “wahoo” effect in workshops and classes ! The attendees are stunned : “are you sure we can use our phones during the workshop or class ? Amazing!!” For me, in addition to the ease of use, I save time at the end of the workshop gathering together the participants’ contributions: 2 clicks and I have an Excel file.”

Céline Calmet
Training Manager Nekoé

“I need to make interactions between students and the teaching team more dynamic and at the same time to maximise the attention of each student in workshops. Inwall boosts interactions, encourages idea sharing, and enables knowledge management. This is an original solution, easy to get to grips with, and that brings a real value added in plenary sessions at Epitech.”

Edouart Laurent
Regional Manager of Epitech

“Inwall allowed a real interaction between the audience and the facilitator during our seminar. In addition to the playful and dynamic aspect, the tool has enabled us to free speech and to collect valuable and exploitable information for the continuation of our activity.”

Sabrina Palmieri
Uncharge of Communication, Ecocean

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